I feel it is important to give credit where it is very much due for things like poses, huds etc that I may use in the course of creating posts for my blog but since all of my poses are pretty much just tossed in one stand, it can be hard for me to remember which specific poses I have used at a particular time for my post. So, I just am going to list here, all the places that I have poses from in my stand and will edit it when I need to.

Long Awkward Pose
(AKA LAP) I believe Dove Swanson is one of the most talented pose makers out there and also one with a great sense of humor.

Olive Juice I only have a few of these so far but I definitely plan to get more as time goes by.

Penny Dreadful Arcade
(aka pda) I started collecting these when they would put them out for 50L Fridays and I really enjoy them.

Elisa by Elisabeth Attenborough I snagged these poses when she was having a store moving sale. I looked up her profile but I have no idea if the slurl listed is open. I really like the poses though 🙂

Freestyle poses made by Creamy Cooljoke. Hey I’m all about a bargain and I love the sense of humor about these poses.

Fri.day – Yes I couldn’t resist the model poses. 😀

modd.G – cute poses 🙂

Pretzel poses. C’mon, who can resist pretzels?

Striking Poses – I really like the idea of taking a cue from real life models and photographs. The poses are sure to look natural.

Oyakin – I love japanese poses, they often have a different sensibility which is fun.

Yet MOAR cool poses.

doll by Suri Christen – I really think these are adorable.

Diesel Works – Rogan Diesel makes great poses, the end.

Glitterati – Mostly I have couple poses from here, but I love them 🙂

As for huds, I have the Filter Cam Hud from Mechanized Life by CodeBastard Redgrave but haven’t really used it yet. I will though.

My “Studio” at the moment consists of a pose stand given as a gift by the very generous Rogan Diesel (I have packed 300 plus poses in it and it still works perfectly) and a home made sphere. I’ll add when I get something more elaborate. 😀