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I’m on a roll where posting is concerned so while I am I guess I’ll go with it. I’m moody so it could be in a few weeks my post-a-rama will slow down to a trickle rather than a flood. I want to talk about SL jewelry and prim nails today.

These right here are my favorite prim nails, mainly because they have the nice ring and little jewels on the nails themselves and because they are color change. With a click on each hand, I can change them to one of – I think – 7 colors and I paid less than 1K Linden for them at Love Soul.

Love Soul has become my favorite prim nail dealer. I say dealer because I am afraid I’ve become a little bit addicted. (As a note, all love soul nails are sized for a size 20 hand, there are signs around the store but just in case you miss them, make sure you have a size 20 hand and try the demo before you buy.)

However, I am frequently frustrated when wanting to wear a variety of things all at the same time. I didn’t buy Alamood’s gorgeous ring set for SLDailyDeals mainly because you can only have one attachment to the hand and rings will knock off said prim nails. Here’s a picture of the ring set which I snagged off of SlDailyDeals just to refresh the memory of anyone reading this.

Please note the credit for the pic goes to Alamood and Jori Watler not me and that this was a deal offered for one day only over the weekend just past. In any case, aren’t they pretty?

If these were available with prim nails I would have snagged them faster than a speeding bullet.

Here’s another set of nails I love from Love Soul.

I know I sound like a paid advertisement for this store but I am not, cross my heart. The nails I’m wearing were paid for by me because I liked them. However, I can’t resist mentioning that unless I am in a no script area OR I happen to be doing a pose that does not have or allow a relaxed hand, these do not “break”. I tried them with a variety of the poses I own (obviously not every pose on the market) and they looked fine. I wear them regularly with my ao and except as mentioned, they look perfect. They also come with tintable nail gloves to cover and smooth your skin nails so that your prim nails look the most realistic. I used the same tinting method I have used with my feet more or less to tint the gloves to match my skintone.

Now here’s some more wishing on my part. I love these slave bracelets by Earthstones. They attach to the hand, not the wrist, which is nice because you can still wear bracelets and bangles with them. However, you can’t wear prim nails.

I snapped a pic of the display while I was shopping the other night so forgive the less than fantastic pic. As you can see, they also come in lots and lots of color variations. (I wish they came in gold too.)

And to match, she makes these cute footlets. (Oh how I wish someone like Siddean Munro of Slink would get together with Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones and make these for prim feets.)

They are darling even on the sad mesh feets we have, nonetheless.

There *are* other makers, mostly jewelers, who make prim nails – sometimes with jewelry. Mandala, for example, makes a gorgeous set with rings, bangles, and nails all in one. To me this is the right direction because a person can be fully kitted out for a night on the town or whatever with these sets.

Here’s another of my less than stellar pics of one of their displays. I have to say I love their ads.

Sadly I haven’t been able to get up the L to purchase their fatpack yet. I will though!

Another manufacturer is Caithlin Carter Designs. Here’s a pic of one of her vendors for jeweled prim nails.

I especially love the multi stone ring with this set, but again, alas, I find their price tag a bit hard to manage just at the moment. (*shakes fist at real life budgets*)

At any rate, I’d just like to encourage designers and makers to expand the idea of rings and prim nails. Bracelets, slave bracelets etc etc. And don’t forget jewelry for the prim foot too. Prims want love too, you know!

Here’s some pictures of me and fashiony stuff with credits after, mainly because my new header is featuring this same outfit so I wanted to give credit somewhere. Please note that my nails look natural 😀

Fashiony Stuff
Skin – Alyson Sunkissed # 12 Cleavage Hairbase by Belleza
Hair – Afterglow in Black II by Cake
Eyes – Midday by Fusemelon
Lashes – No Alpha number 6 by MiaMai (see here for a great prim lash tutorial by Alicia Chenaux)
Jewelry – Black Onyx Earrings and Pearl Necklace by DECO
Pants – Sexy Leather Pants in Purple by Style Starts Here
Top – Bella Lace Top (Long) by PixelDolls in Black
Shoes – Esprit in Black by Maitreya Gold

Please see my new page “Regarding Poses” for pose information.


I can’t quite believe that I’m posting again so soon. I guess I’ll blame it on insomnia and on a bit of an emo attack. What I want to talk about seems to be affecting not just me but some of my friends too. I’m going to call it the Valentine Conspiracy cause that sounds James Bond-like.

See, I keep noticing the same thing. My friends and I are smart, funny, playful, mischievous, sexy and we know how to put ourselves together, adjust our prims, look good when we walk out shopping or dancing or hanging out. And yet, when we are at a club, either just a few of us or a group (Because nobody likes to go to a club alone, ya’ll) we keep noticing the same damn thing. There’s always at least a few unattached good looking male avatars hanging around the same place. That’s a plus. However, it often seems as if the guys moving said avatars never Instant Message any of us. No, they go for that girl with the skin from three years ago or the one with the prim nipple rings sticking out of her clothes or the one with her hair on side ways or …you get my point.

I…don’t understand this phenomena. I’ve already said my piece on why I think taking care of your avatar is important, so I won’t do that again but it does seem as if guys never ever are attracted to self confident, self sufficient, self aware females. And another thing, I’m shy, okay? Really really shy, way more than I can even express. I’m sure there are men who are shy too so I get that. But I do occasionally Instant Message a person of the opposite sex if I notice something about them. It may be what they are wearing, or something witty in their profile or really anything. If *I* can get up the gumption to Instant Message a strange man, then I fail to see why a man can’t get up the gumption to Instant Message me. So, I just don’t get the way men think.

That’s not even the real point. Except, here we are where everything is pushing us towards coupledom. Valentines day, hearts, flowers, roses, ball gowns, blah blah blah. But, if you’re one of those who would like to be part of a couple and aren’t, it’s extremely depressing. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. It makes me feel like I’m Cinderella and I didn’t get to go to the ball and meet Prince Charming. I feel lonely and I feel left out and I feel just…sad.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a grown up so I’ll deal with this and no my life doesn’t revolve around finding a man like some scary heroine out of a book from the fifties. But, it would be nice…to have someone to cuddle with, to go to events with, to share things with. Someone of a masculine variety, though again, don’t misunderstand, I love my friends and I’m fine on my own.

Meanwhile, at least my panda bears love me.

Fashiony Stuff
Skin – Alyson by Belleza, makeup 14 in sunkissed
Hair – Whimsy in Expresso by Analog Dog
Eyes – Midday by Fusemelon
Shape – Mine
Jewelry – Zaara
Top – Berries Inc
Pants – Zaara
Shoes – Sheila thongs by Slink

Mr Panda is by Loka Designs

You can see all of these pictures in bigger better sizes on my flickr.

HI! I wasn’t gonna post tonight but I figured what the hey. I never have anything great or exciting to post about so this is just a sort of “slice of my SL(tm) life”. If you just want the fashiony bit at the end, scroll down!

I was talking to Alicia recently and she mentioned a project she was working on and a conversation she had about what she does in SL(tm). I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of “I stand on a pose stand talking in IM’s and staring at my avatar.” In answer to the question “Why?”, she said, ‘Because she’s pretty!”

I completely relate to this little conversation. I do the very same thing and for the very same reason. I look almost nothing like my avatar in real life and as far as I’m concerned that’s part of the POINT of SL(tm). I mean, there are people who want to look like vampires or fairies or foxes or demons or drow or dragons, right? And the people I have talked to almost unanimously say that there’s something about that appearance that rings a bell with them in their hearts. It expresses something inside them, or I should say *Us* that perhaps we can’t express in Real Life.

I make kind of a hobby of creating alts and it’s not to fool people or to be secretive or any of that. It’s often just a sort of art form or experiment. What can I express with this avatar that I haven’t expressed before? Can I make her pretty without spending a fortune, etc? I even have a male alt, and no I’m not telling what his name is. Poor guy he hardly ever gets to be out of the toy box because I feel uncomfortable in his “skin”.

To get back to my previous point. My avatar, Velvet, is an expression of what so many people say when talking about an unattractive person. “Oh but she has such a great personality.” Or “She’s so funny though.” Or, “Wow she has gorgeous hair.” It’s like that old adage about “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Nobody is going to say, unless in private, “Omg, she has a fat ass,” or “She really needs to lose some weight,” or “God, I would kill myself if had to wear a size ‘number'”. I’ll save the rant about how many people have health issues that affect their appearance through no fault of their own. The mistaken belief that larger size people – for example – especially women, sit around all day eating butterfingers and watching soaps is completely erroneous. Yes, there are *some* people who do but the vast majority do not. And yes, I do have health issues irl and I do have appearance issues. I think a great many people in SL ™ do have some of both. Start a conversation about antidepressants, for example, in almost any group and people will chime in like crazy. Same with other types of health issues.

*Gets off the soap box a bit sheepishly and clears throat, blushing profusely*

Long story short. My avatar is what my spirit, my soul, my mind looks like to me, if you could take a picture of such unquantifiable ideas. Naturally I love her. She is me. She is the finest epitome of me, or at least I hope so. I love looking at her and I believe looking at her is good for my confidence, my morale, my sense of self-worth even. I remember reading a while back, an article that I think appeared in the Washington Post (though I couldn’t find it when I looked for it to link it) about how an attractive avatar can be therapeutic for real world issues of self-confidence etc. The article wasn’t specifically about Second Life ™ but the point was made.

I think because of how I feel about my avatar, this is why it kills me when I see people walking around with system skin, hair, shoes, etc. It’s like, do you not love yourself? Do you not care what you are expressing? To me, not taking care of your avatar is a bit like not taking care of yourself. It’s just…not good in my eyes.

Okay so here’s a picture, lol.

Fashiony Stuff
Skin – Belleza, Alyson Group Gift in Sunkissed (I am buying the whole pack, as soon as I can, oh yes I am. Dear Mr Tricky Boucher, please let me be your beta tester!)
Shape – My own
Eyes – Fusemelon, Midday (she just reopened the store, best eyes ever)
Lashes – No Alpha Lashes #6 by MiaMai (best damned lashes evah)
Hair – Truth, Sage, Expresso (I’m Truth’s biggest fan!)
Earrings – I honestly don’t remember for sure where these are from. I *think* they are from ICED but I’m not positive. Again I will check and edit as necessary. edit! so sorry, these are by Caithlin Carter Designs
Top – This is actually a dress called Magenta in Silver Sequin by Khush. You can’t see it but I’m also wearing her sequin ripped jeans under this. They are very low so for my modesty, I needed a long top. 😀
Choker – Hunter (This was a 60l sunday item last week and I am not in world to check the maker, I will edit later) edit this is by Feeb’s
Arm and Wrist bands – Illusions, Cord Wraps set (I got these at Jewelry Fair, I love them. They also come with a neck wrap.)
Shoes – You can’t see these either but I’m wearing the Zara silver shoes by Kitties Lair, awesome shoes!

Here is a shoe pic just so you can see the awesome. That’s also the cuff and bottom of the jeans I mentioned.

I just took this on my patio – house by -Abode- by Aya Liotta, all the waves and palm trees etc are from Green and Wild. I use the Emerald preset by Ana Lutetia for lighting. I can’t remember the exact name but it’s near the top and is the caliah setting -whiter-.

I’m sorry for the lack of slurls, as I said I’m not in world right now so I cant’ check that. I will edit later.

It would be impossible for me to write down all the wonderful, interesting, amazing and weird things that have happened to me since I started my avatar and began sticking my toes into the waters of SL.  This isn’t my first time in SL and I feel as though I should have been taking pictures all along the journey to get to this point but really there would be 800 pictures and even that many words wouldn’t really tell the story. So…instead I’ll stick with trying to give you some kind of introduction and over view and what this blog probably will be about.

The back story is pretty simple, I had to leave sl for a time due to rl considerations and when I was back, I ended up making a new avatar and starting over. In many ways starting over is the best thing that could have happened because, I’m just not the same girl and the changes – for the most part, are really good ones that I’m happy about and they make me a much more fun person to be around, I think.

I’ve been so lucky, making many great friends and being talked into joining plurk and then making more great friends there as well. I honestly think plurk is one of the best things that could happen for Second Life, in that it allows us to stay in contact, share small things about us and big ones too. I learn more about what’s going on in Second Life on plurk than I often do on blogs or in world itself. It’s also a fabulous way to keep track of favorite designers and their new releases,  plus allowing a glimpse into the creative process since many designers share their “in progress” reports on plurk as well as other things.

So, you ask, what will this blog be about? Whatever strikes my fancy really. I’ll probably have some fashion and reviews, some ranting and raving, some opinions and some just general sl and rl stuff. Only a little rl stuff and more sl stuff…So many crazy and wonderful things can happen to a person in every day, why not share them?

Right now, I’m sick with a cold/flu thing – knock wood it’s not swine flu and I should go lie down I suppose. I really wish the pc could come in the bedroom with me but  no, it has to stay on it’s own little desk space.

In closing, please don’t laugh at my header – I made it all by myself 😀 and I didn’t want to sign back on to take any more pictures so I did the best I could with what was at hand. I’ll probably change it again soon.

I’ll post one picture, this is my land on Bluebonnet, Alicia’s Sim I used the Fluffy Clouds preset in Emerald and just snapped and cropped, no fancy editing used. I’m not that good.

PS: I’m going to be working on my blog roll soon so if you would like to be added please comment or leave me a note on my plurk, thanks.