I was just complaining about sculpty skirts last night. I am not a fan of them because as the avatar moves they don’t and so you end up looking a bit funky and not in the good way. Also, I am not one to rush to post the latest release but in this case, I’m making an exception.

Both the dress and hair shown here are brand new from Fri.day. The Sweet.heart comes with a color change sash and bow, with a choice of five colors, but I tinted them to match these adorable shoes I got from 50L Friday at Surf Co. yesterday. I bought the dress in 3 colors I liked it so much and the minute I saw the Ruby I knew it would go perfectly with the shoes and I was glad I bought them.

Like most sculpty skirts, this one did have issues with some poses but it was easy to adjust for the most part. I do wish they would have had a flexi version in the pack also but that’s just me being hatery towards sculpty skirts, lol.

I was poking around for jewelry to go with this and ended up over at Le Look in the jewelry section and found this new to me place called La Forgia jewelry. Really you have to go over to their main store too because I found so many cute sets at only 350L a set. I ended up with this one with the beautiful little flowers and metal and leather for this outfit as I didn’t want to be too fancy schmancy with the jewelry since this is a light summertime kind of outfit. The flowers and metal and leather are color change and it is script resizable but it fit just fine on me without any of that. I changed the little flowers to red to match the dress.

I had so much red going on and I felt like yellow was not getting its fair share of attention so I zoomed over to Candy Nail and grabbed these bright yellow prim nails. They have these simple plain ones in about a million colors for 70L each and each pack comes with a bunch of sizes included.

This is of course the new Miley hair from Fri.day in Sensitive Black that I’m wearing with this outfit. I am such a fan of Fri.day’s hair, especially short, updo or pony styles. I wish they’d put more flexi in their styles as well but, can’t have everything I suppose.

The tattoo I’m wearing is from Negko and is called “enjoy the flowers” … he has a lot of really lovely ones in my humble opinion. I’m frequently frustrated by the habit of tat makers to cover the breast area with stuff. I generally don’t want my boobs or arms covered with stuff so it can be frustrating and I’m also still looking for a simple belly and “tramp” stamp set that match as well.

You can see all these pics in bigger sizes and more detail here
Fashion stuff:

Skin – Alyson by Belleza in sunkissed, makeup
Shape – mine
Hair – Miley from Fri.day in Sensitive Black
Lashes – no alpha #6 by MiaMai
Eyes – Midday by Fusemelon
Nails – Basic Prim Nails in yellow by Candy Nail
Tattoo – Enjoy The Flowers by Negko
Jewelry – Primula set by La Forgia
Shoes – Spring Fling Wedges in limoncello by Surf Co
Dress – Sweet.Heart dress in Ruby by Fri.day