I can’t quite believe that I’m posting again so soon. I guess I’ll blame it on insomnia and on a bit of an emo attack. What I want to talk about seems to be affecting not just me but some of my friends too. I’m going to call it the Valentine Conspiracy cause that sounds James Bond-like.

See, I keep noticing the same thing. My friends and I are smart, funny, playful, mischievous, sexy and we know how to put ourselves together, adjust our prims, look good when we walk out shopping or dancing or hanging out. And yet, when we are at a club, either just a few of us or a group (Because nobody likes to go to a club alone, ya’ll) we keep noticing the same damn thing. There’s always at least a few unattached good looking male avatars hanging around the same place. That’s a plus. However, it often seems as if the guys moving said avatars never Instant Message any of us. No, they go for that girl with the skin from three years ago or the one with the prim nipple rings sticking out of her clothes or the one with her hair on side ways or …you get my point.

I…don’t understand this phenomena. I’ve already said my piece on why I think taking care of your avatar is important, so I won’t do that again but it does seem as if guys never ever are attracted to self confident, self sufficient, self aware females. And another thing, I’m shy, okay? Really really shy, way more than I can even express. I’m sure there are men who are shy too so I get that. But I do occasionally Instant Message a person of the opposite sex if I notice something about them. It may be what they are wearing, or something witty in their profile or really anything. If *I* can get up the gumption to Instant Message a strange man, then I fail to see why a man can’t get up the gumption to Instant Message me. So, I just don’t get the way men think.

That’s not even the real point. Except, here we are where everything is pushing us towards coupledom. Valentines day, hearts, flowers, roses, ball gowns, blah blah blah. But, if you’re one of those who would like to be part of a couple and aren’t, it’s extremely depressing. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. It makes me feel like I’m Cinderella and I didn’t get to go to the ball and meet Prince Charming. I feel lonely and I feel left out and I feel just…sad.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a grown up so I’ll deal with this and no my life doesn’t revolve around finding a man like some scary heroine out of a book from the fifties. But, it would be nice…to have someone to cuddle with, to go to events with, to share things with. Someone of a masculine variety, though again, don’t misunderstand, I love my friends and I’m fine on my own.

Meanwhile, at least my panda bears love me.

Fashiony Stuff
Skin – Alyson by Belleza, makeup 14 in sunkissed
Hair – Whimsy in Expresso by Analog Dog
Eyes – Midday by Fusemelon
Shape – Mine
Jewelry – Zaara
Top – Berries Inc
Pants – Zaara
Shoes – Sheila thongs by Slink

Mr Panda is by Loka Designs

You can see all of these pictures in bigger better sizes on my flickr.