HI! I wasn’t gonna post tonight but I figured what the hey. I never have anything great or exciting to post about so this is just a sort of “slice of my SL(tm) life”. If you just want the fashiony bit at the end, scroll down!

I was talking to Alicia recently and she mentioned a project she was working on and a conversation she had about what she does in SL(tm). I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of “I stand on a pose stand talking in IM’s and staring at my avatar.” In answer to the question “Why?”, she said, ‘Because she’s pretty!”

I completely relate to this little conversation. I do the very same thing and for the very same reason. I look almost nothing like my avatar in real life and as far as I’m concerned that’s part of the POINT of SL(tm). I mean, there are people who want to look like vampires or fairies or foxes or demons or drow or dragons, right? And the people I have talked to almost unanimously say that there’s something about that appearance that rings a bell with them in their hearts. It expresses something inside them, or I should say *Us* that perhaps we can’t express in Real Life.

I make kind of a hobby of creating alts and it’s not to fool people or to be secretive or any of that. It’s often just a sort of art form or experiment. What can I express with this avatar that I haven’t expressed before? Can I make her pretty without spending a fortune, etc? I even have a male alt, and no I’m not telling what his name is. Poor guy he hardly ever gets to be out of the toy box because I feel uncomfortable in his “skin”.

To get back to my previous point. My avatar, Velvet, is an expression of what so many people say when talking about an unattractive person. “Oh but she has such a great personality.” Or “She’s so funny though.” Or, “Wow she has gorgeous hair.” It’s like that old adage about “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Nobody is going to say, unless in private, “Omg, she has a fat ass,” or “She really needs to lose some weight,” or “God, I would kill myself if had to wear a size ‘number'”. I’ll save the rant about how many people have health issues that affect their appearance through no fault of their own. The mistaken belief that larger size people – for example – especially women, sit around all day eating butterfingers and watching soaps is completely erroneous. Yes, there are *some* people who do but the vast majority do not. And yes, I do have health issues irl and I do have appearance issues. I think a great many people in SL ™ do have some of both. Start a conversation about antidepressants, for example, in almost any group and people will chime in like crazy. Same with other types of health issues.

*Gets off the soap box a bit sheepishly and clears throat, blushing profusely*

Long story short. My avatar is what my spirit, my soul, my mind looks like to me, if you could take a picture of such unquantifiable ideas. Naturally I love her. She is me. She is the finest epitome of me, or at least I hope so. I love looking at her and I believe looking at her is good for my confidence, my morale, my sense of self-worth even. I remember reading a while back, an article that I think appeared in the Washington Post (though I couldn’t find it when I looked for it to link it) about how an attractive avatar can be therapeutic for real world issues of self-confidence etc. The article wasn’t specifically about Second Life ™ but the point was made.

I think because of how I feel about my avatar, this is why it kills me when I see people walking around with system skin, hair, shoes, etc. It’s like, do you not love yourself? Do you not care what you are expressing? To me, not taking care of your avatar is a bit like not taking care of yourself. It’s just…not good in my eyes.

Okay so here’s a picture, lol.

Fashiony Stuff
Skin – Belleza, Alyson Group Gift in Sunkissed (I am buying the whole pack, as soon as I can, oh yes I am. Dear Mr Tricky Boucher, please let me be your beta tester!)
Shape – My own
Eyes – Fusemelon, Midday (she just reopened the store, best eyes ever)
Lashes – No Alpha Lashes #6 by MiaMai (best damned lashes evah)
Hair – Truth, Sage, Expresso (I’m Truth’s biggest fan!)
Earrings – I honestly don’t remember for sure where these are from. I *think* they are from ICED but I’m not positive. Again I will check and edit as necessary. edit! so sorry, these are by Caithlin Carter Designs
Top – This is actually a dress called Magenta in Silver Sequin by Khush. You can’t see it but I’m also wearing her sequin ripped jeans under this. They are very low so for my modesty, I needed a long top. 😀
Choker – Hunter (This was a 60l sunday item last week and I am not in world to check the maker, I will edit later) edit this is by Feeb’s
Arm and Wrist bands – Illusions, Cord Wraps set (I got these at Jewelry Fair, I love them. They also come with a neck wrap.)
Shoes – You can’t see these either but I’m wearing the Zara silver shoes by Kitties Lair, awesome shoes!

Here is a shoe pic just so you can see the awesome. That’s also the cuff and bottom of the jeans I mentioned.

I just took this on my patio – house by -Abode- by Aya Liotta, all the waves and palm trees etc are from Green and Wild. I use the Emerald preset by Ana Lutetia for lighting. I can’t remember the exact name but it’s near the top and is the caliah setting -whiter-.

I’m sorry for the lack of slurls, as I said I’m not in world right now so I cant’ check that. I will edit later.