Okay. I’m always waiting til I have something good or exciting or interesting or *something* to put here. Problem is, what YOU think is interesting and what I think is interesting are probably not the same. My friend Alicia Chenaux says if she waited for that, she’d never blog! Yet, I find most of her posts entertaining, interesting and often very funny too, so obviously we are not very good judges of our own blogging prowess or readability.

Sooo, I’m hoping to squelch my fear of any readers who happen by being bored to death and just to write some stuff.

One thing, I’ve been oh so very very DAMNED proud of the creative SL community in particular in relation to their fundraising efforts for relief for Haiti. I’d like to tip my virtual hat to OMGWTF Barbecue who is one of those who started the ball rolling and is, in my experience one of the kindest people I have ever met in any world. It truly makes me tearful and at the same time glad to be in this virtual world that we can reach out past ourselves to try to help others. Whether or not you agree with in world relief efforts really isn’t the point, the point is, something good happened and will go on happening. As I said to a real world friend, the beauty of in world efforts is that even if you only have 1l or 5l (which is something like a nickel in us money) you can still contribute AND not feel embarrassed. Try to give the Red Cross a nickel and they would say …um, it’ll cost us more in paperwork than the nickel is worth. Not dissing them either but that’s the fact. But here, your nickel gets put with somebody else’s nickel and somebody else’s and so on and pretty soon it’s 200 dollars or whatever the case might be. Lindens allow us to contribute what we have without shame, in the knowledge that it will be added to what others contribute. In addition, many times for 50l or 100l or 200l, we can not only contribute but get something nice and collectible and special because the creators of SL have made something especially for relief efforts. That’s a win win scenario on every side.

I not only bought stuff and real world donated but I participated in a date auction too. It was without a doubt one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in the real world or in the virtual world. See, in the real world I have a big ball of anxiety hanging over me most of the time. In Second Life ™, I can leave a lot of that behind me which is great and why I love Second Life. However, some things are just nervous making no matter what and I was truly scared that nobody would bid on me. Cause, I mean, who is this chick Velvet anyway? Just some girl, lol.

And, I was one of the last ones up and sadly, I think people did kinda wonder …”Who is this chick Velvet?” because nobody really bid which…I was very sad about and probably would have gone and dug a hole to hide in BUT, in the end, the very kind and generous Mr. Ted Cornell did eventually bid and paid 1000L for the privilege of a date with me. I have heard he’s talking about collars though so I dunno…

So, everything turned out happily and I’ll report later on the date when it happens. At least, I will, if Ted doesn’t mind toooo much.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me in the outfit i had on for the auction. That shirt I have on is part of an outfit made by Lexi Morgan (Stellar Designs) for Haiti relief. The jewelry is also a relief item from Narita Rayna (Ticky Tacky). If anyone cares, the skirt and vest are from Ivey Deschanel (Sn@tch) and were just items I fell in love with. You can also see my spiky jeweled nails of doom that I love from Love Soul. LOL