On my last post, I know I promised to post more frequently but well, I often feel I have nothing much to post about.  Brimming with self-confidence about how interesting my SLife is, I am not. Plus, in the late fall and on into winter and then into early spring, I fight with the blues, melancholy, whatever you might want to call it. I get down and not in the funkadelic way! Plus, I have a very weak immune system so if someone IRL breathes on me at the grocery store, I catch whatever they had. I’ve had swine flu this fall, eep!

But, never fear, Dear Readers (all two of you) I do still think of you, out here in the cold and wind of the blogosphere and what I do, a lot, is take pictures.

So here, mostly in pictorial form, is a little story of my last couple months. I do suggest you click through to flickr so that you can see these in all of their dubious glory.

This first picture is an illustration of what can happen when you’ve forgotten that you have your snapshot thing set on save to hard drive. You end up with pictures where half the background is not rezzed. I tried to edit this out but my photoshop refused to cooperate.

The sad thing is, it’s quite a nice picture of me…just the rest of it looks a bit odd. Moving on!

It’s amazing the things you see in Second Life ™. Some of them are unmentionable, and then there’s things like this. This Unidentified Dragon was cavorting with the maiden as I went about my own business on a hunt, I think.

Around about the same time and place, I spotted these two lovely creatures, running about the garden together. (2L for the person who can tell me where that quote originated.)

I was on another hunt when I laid my wondering eyes on this baby. It’s so awesome. It lives at Belle Belle but one day I shall buy it and make it mine, oh yes!

C’mon, it’s the time machine. The Time Machine. Okay, maybe I’m the only SciFi Geek who thinks it’s cool. LOL.

This fabulous thing from Belle Belle needs to live in my inventory too. It just does.

And yeah I did other stuff in November but that’s all you get to see, and then it’s on to December and the fabulosity that the Christmas season brings. Like, this for instance. Yes, I’m 12, shut up. I couldn’t have gotten this if I tried for days, okay?

Serendipity is a marvelous thing.

Which brings me to what I like to call my Snowman phase.

I like to call this one “Head Games.” Cause, you know, they’re playing with his HEAD! I think I spotted this outside Ema’s, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

I would have thought this poor guy was melting ala Wicked Witch of the West, but it was too darn cold. So, he’s sinking! This was one of the many many adorable snowmen at the Footwear Expo.

This next one, is very dangerous. Don’t piss him off!

I’m torn between calling him “Ninja Snowman” and “Black Knight Snowman”. Which do you like better? He too was sighted at the Footwear Expo.

Which brings me to the final picture in the series. For this year anyway.

This adorable “Snowman Family” was playing outside of Sysy’s when I went by on a Gift Card run. Toooo cute.

The whole sim where Sysy’s is, appeared to be decorated for the Winter. I had to snap this pic of the Bird and the Tree. I had to.

One of my favorite experiences of my SL winter has been getting the opportunity to model at Evie’s Closet. My modeling companion was my friend Alicia Chenaux and we both rushed out to buy the Slink ballet shoes to wear with our Cygnet outfits from Evie’s Closet. She’s wearing the little tutu version and I’m wearing the babydoll version. It comes in both colors and well, just go there and buy everything, it’s all gorgeous!

This last one is kinda boring but I stuck it in cause, what the hell. It’s just a pic of moi.

That’s me contemplating my SL love life and how it went from Boy Howdy \o/ to…Oh Boy 😦 It has not been a good season for my heart or for my ego either for that matter. So, yeah, it’s been a rough Winter so far for me but I’m keeping my heart open and hoping things will get better in the new year.

Meanwhile, I wish anyone who happens by my plurk, flickr or blog the happiest of New Years.

This last was made in part using a digital scrapbook kit called Bling in the New Year – available here – http://scraparoni.blogspot.com/2009/12/its-time-to-bling-in-new-year.html