It would be impossible for me to write down all the wonderful, interesting, amazing and weird things that have happened to me since I started my avatar and began sticking my toes into the waters of SL.  This isn’t my first time in SL and I feel as though I should have been taking pictures all along the journey to get to this point but really there would be 800 pictures and even that many words wouldn’t really tell the story. So…instead I’ll stick with trying to give you some kind of introduction and over view and what this blog probably will be about.

The back story is pretty simple, I had to leave sl for a time due to rl considerations and when I was back, I ended up making a new avatar and starting over. In many ways starting over is the best thing that could have happened because, I’m just not the same girl and the changes – for the most part, are really good ones that I’m happy about and they make me a much more fun person to be around, I think.

I’ve been so lucky, making many great friends and being talked into joining plurk and then making more great friends there as well. I honestly think plurk is one of the best things that could happen for Second Life, in that it allows us to stay in contact, share small things about us and big ones too. I learn more about what’s going on in Second Life on plurk than I often do on blogs or in world itself. It’s also a fabulous way to keep track of favorite designers and their new releases,  plus allowing a glimpse into the creative process since many designers share their “in progress” reports on plurk as well as other things.

So, you ask, what will this blog be about? Whatever strikes my fancy really. I’ll probably have some fashion and reviews, some ranting and raving, some opinions and some just general sl and rl stuff. Only a little rl stuff and more sl stuff…So many crazy and wonderful things can happen to a person in every day, why not share them?

Right now, I’m sick with a cold/flu thing – knock wood it’s not swine flu and I should go lie down I suppose. I really wish the pc could come in the bedroom with me but  no, it has to stay on it’s own little desk space.

In closing, please don’t laugh at my header – I made it all by myself 😀 and I didn’t want to sign back on to take any more pictures so I did the best I could with what was at hand. I’ll probably change it again soon.

I’ll post one picture, this is my land on Bluebonnet, Alicia’s Sim I used the Fluffy Clouds preset in Emerald and just snapped and cropped, no fancy editing used. I’m not that good.

PS: I’m going to be working on my blog roll soon so if you would like to be added please comment or leave me a note on my plurk, thanks.